The awakening.

I wake up to the sweet sounds of the cardinal chirping outside the huge window. My eyes adjust to the light as I turn on my back and prop myself up.

This bed never ceases to amaze me, it is triple a King size and the mattress is more comfortable than any of the leading brands. The sheets are of silk and finest cotton, and the pillows are made for one to lay forever asleep. The bedpost rise high into the air and sheets of gold designed fabric gives it a surreal feeling.

This room is made of carved and designed marble, huge enough to fit 100 people comfortably. At present there is only me, my bed and some meticulous designed furniture that would be worth millions at an auction. A small table with a jade basin is on the corner. I move my feet to the sides and sit up.

  • Enter

An old man enters the room through twin wooden doors carved with dragons. He walks to the foot of the bed and bows gracefully to the ground. This is a movement that is obviously well practiced.

  • Rise, we have awaken. We are ready.
  • I hear and obey

The man bows and moves backwards. With two soft claps, five young maids enter the room. Keeping their head bowed and avoiding eye contact, they remove my silk pajamas and after giving me a refreshing sponge bath with warm water, dress me in fine silk embroidered in gold and silver threads.

I approach the mirror and turn around viewing myself. The maids move to the side, heads down and trembling one thread out of order, one scrunched collar and it could mean death. I give a sigh of approval, they keep their position but the tension is gone.

  • The day waits on us, the empire stands beneath us seeking justice and rule.
  • We are alive by the will of the emperor, this humble servant seeks instruction.

Yes, you guessed it. I am the Emperor of the vast Fang Empire. These lands cover over half of the Quin Continent and contains countless villages, towns and great cities the homes to millions of individuals. All under my beck and call. What the emperor wishes to burn, turns to ashes. Who he wishes death, is led to the underworld. Such is my power.

However, just 2 days ago, I was living my life as a Computer Technician on a planet called Earth.

Uhuh, I have been sent to this world and woke up 2 days ago as the Supreme Emperor. For the last couple days I have been under the scrutiny of Palace doctors and alchemist. This was due to my strange questions and ways of speaking. I swear, if I had continued these people would have confined me and worse kill me. The Emperor knows no shame.

So here I am, acting the role fate has given me. I don’t know how long I will be here in this strange world, or if I can go back but I am about to make my debut as the one and only Dragon Emperor under the Three Suns.

Hehehe…………..what a pain!

Day 1.1