Chapter 2

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Mistake 2; I express myself to the wrong people.


I slowly sank to the ground with by back hugging the wall. In the space of a day I was ripped from my home, family, friends, my everyday life and plunged into a dangerous situation. Normally I am relatively optimistic, but I think this is the first time I am unable to see any bright side to this drama being played out.

I pulled my knees to my chest and did some rapid breathing. My head was in a mess and as much as I wanted to scream or cry girly tears, my life was at stake.

Damn… so many things, what about my family, my mom is a panicky lady who gets stressed out. I know they are going to be worried. Well I won’t say I will miss school, maybe my friends and sempais. The little animes, even the Chinese novels that I now started to read.

OMG I am seventeen and I haven’t had a girlfriend. I haven’t gotten to college to drink myself to sleep. I HAVEN’T been with a NAKED WOMAN. All because of this thing……

In my rising rage I grabbed my shinai to take it out on the closest thing to me, the now DEAD sabertooth (if it was alive I think we would still be in the balanced situation where it was roaring and trying to bite me, and I was clawing at the side wall, screaming and shedding tears, bravely, BRAVELY, of course).

Only now I noticed this terrifying creature was fading away. In its place were two fangs, a small thick book (the kind that does wonders for a doorstop) and a silver colored long sword. I hurriedly grabbed everything focusing on the sword. I kind of have a feeling that with this beast making all that noise, no other creature is going to be around. Still, no need to take chances.

Settling down, it’s time to logically assess this with the healthy mindset of a mature seventeen boy.

First of all, I did not leak, let’s make that priority number one. Note to self; this has the making of a heroic saga, lets contemplate a good lie…cough, cough, I mean battle.

Ok, so with the information we have, I am in a game or on heavy medication. Let’s go with the first since the latter means this is some hell of a hallucination or dream. Crap thinking about it, I never smoked looking cool to grab those innocent girls who fall for the bad boys. Hmmm….. Save lungs or pick up girls…is there any choice there, hehehehe (ahem).

Alright, now , I said the words I just learnt in my mind(if it’s for me alone, I don’t think I need to scream it out loud….stupid chunni mode)

  • Wandering traveler

Whaaa…………woow…….so coool (I mutter silently)

A transparent projection of words and numbers appear in front of my eyes. I am certain only I can see this. I face the rock wall as to have a consistent background, when used to this I guess it will be easier to read.

How do I close this thing anyway, I mumbled; close, close status window, wandering traveler. Ohohoh it closed on the last words…….hehehe. Ok let’s see this thing seriously.

Status: Nakamura Kenshin

STATUS Nakamura Kenshin ???? ???? TRAVELLER
LEVEL 20(pending)
STR 5(+10) DEX 7(+10) INT 6(+10) WIS 6(+10) CON 5(+10)
LUK 10 (MAX)
Nakamura Kenshin
?? ??

  • Confirm level up Y/N?
  • No(I said)

I don’t want to level up yet. Those question marks after my name, I am sure it’s for some job type such as mage or something. Right now I am only leveling up as Traveler, if that is even something.

I ask in my mind, though I still mumble it,

  • LUK? Explain, define

The table expands at LUK giving a brief statement description that I can read

  • LUK: increases the chances of dropped items and favorable conditions, cannot change.

Whaaat?…..then I am maxed out. Hey, hey, hey how the hell was that previous scenario classified as lucky. A lucky person should never have this first encounter.  What the Hell!!

Wait, wait. If ten is the max for basic stats, then am I not just average?

I practice kendo yet I am just above average? My dexterity is only 7?

All that beating for ten years for nothing?

Well I guess I cannot fault the dexterity too much, reminiscing, I did reach here by tumbling down a riverbank.

Then isn’t it too high? let’s not fuss(thank god for that glitch!)

I concentrate on the last line, this time I whispered that word.

  • Freedom points?
  • The statement become visible; can be used to return home.

Shaking, I think my hands stumbled on, and touched the book from the sabertooth. The book glowed with a faint blue light, as new words were displayed.

  • Tome of Perception. Add Tome, Y/N?
  • Tome of Perception? (I just read it reflexively)
  • Tome of Perception statement; will unlock skills as owner’s level increases.
  • Add Tome, Yes I command.

The Tome pulses briefly with the blue light, and then disappears.

I am back to the status screen.

STATUS Nakamura Kenshin ???? ???? TRAVELLER
LEVEL 20(pending)
STR 5(+10) DEX 7(+10) INT 6(+10) WIS 6(+10) CON 5(+10)
LUK 10 (MAX)



I finally found something good.

  • World map

A blackboard appears in front of me. Did the screen batteries run out??

  • What the hell?

On closer inspection, I see a thin line near the northwest corner.

  • Magnify? View position? Location?

Hoho, there it is, I see a blue indicator, me surrounded by a normal fog of war. I understand now. Wherever I go the fog of war is lifted, giving me more map coverage. Maybe if I find a map the fog of war will lift for that area. Wait a minute; I focus my thoughts to the forest where I first came. If I look closely, I think I see the edge of a green icon. I don’t get any help when I ask questions, possibly because it’s too small?

This map doesn’t show anything besides my position, and I am guessing locations. It would be too OP if it showed monsters and all movements. Hopefully it may level up as the Tome descriptions say. I decide that tomorrow I will investigate this.

I covered with my extra shirt from the school bag. I just secured everything and held the sword. That cold metal was my comfort for the night. Tomorrow I will backtrack and find something. That green edge doesn’t move.

Green is good right?

I have a restless sleep as those words keep playing in my mind. Can be used to return home. I hope my sisters are fine.

The next day I pack the fangs in my school bag, wrapping the protruding ends with my extra clothes. I sling the shinai on my back and hold the sword. I ate a little food and drinking some water, was on my way.

This sword is an enigma. When I tried to identify it like the Tome, nothing happened. It is a straight long sword, but it has a single edge with no guard. I think I saw something like this in Chinese action dramas. It is solid, not supple and is not too heavy to hold with one hand. I did a couple of swings using the ryu-techniques I learnt and it was comfortable.

I came across some wild animals like deer and once saw something like a wild boar on the other side of the river. Of course I was well hidden at the time. I activated the map but the animals didn’t show in it. The trek back was easier, and though I was still alert I reached back to the first hideout I used hours before dark.

I use the map in the hideout, last thing I want is to be blindsided. Now is not a blaze of glory moment.

Checking the direction, I enter into the forest. The forest was not as thick, no undergrowth just trees. I checked the map and within quarter of an hour exited the cover of the trees on a hill.

  • What the @#%$!!

In front of me was a meadow with dirt roads winding to and from a village about 500 m away. I checked the map. A green triangle appears.

  • Pine village; Beginner village #475
  • Huh?……..Haaaaaaaaaaa!

Seems like the village starts from the forest by including the lumbering areas. That is probably why I saw the edge of the triangle. I take off my shirt (I do have my t-shirt on perverts!) and wrap my sword in it. I can draw it if needed.

Ok let’s see this village. I am not overly concerned; it was labeled as a beginner village.

  • I see, so you are a traveler who has lost his way. I am sorry for your losses in the forest roads, thank the gods you are safe. Sure I will give you some directions

An old man near the entrance talks and points out some directions.

Heheheh…I have played too many RPG games. I confirm speaking the language, and the location of the most important adventurers Guild. I head to the guild with a spring in my step; I hope it’s a cute elf oneesan.

  • What the heck is up with this ugly fat man!! Stupid game, world, baka!

Since it’s a beginner village, the guild is small. There are a few veteran adventures lounging about drinking (and I mean veteran). Hell, the guild clerk is born to service these guys, birds of a feather and all.

I go through the process to become an adventurer, and get some work. I will need money for the inn and food.

The clerk is gruff but not unfriendly. I get a guild card that shows just the name and my occupation as adventurer. It has the ability to record the kills I do; hence it’s a good pass for entering towns and cities.

If I kill innocent people who have no bounty it registers me as a murderer. It also helps in recording quest completion. Most important is that it cannot be forged.

I take the standard gathering herbs quest, and leave for the fighter’s guild. Once I can get some coins to cover my daily needs, I will start to gather some info on this world.

Basic necessities for survival comes first in any persons life.

I have about four hours before dark according to the guild clerk, so I figure I should get some information on jobs. In any RPG there is one job that is alway present in a beginner village.

The fighter’s guild is a small building, manned by an instructor. This guy is buffed like a middle aged bodybuilder.

I politely introduced myself and struck up a man to girl-ly boy conversation with this hulk.

Two hours later, I am picking herbs like mad on a grassy hill some distance away from the village.

The results of my inquires led me to these facts:

  • The jobs like fighter, mage or any other is dependent on your skill level. The guilds give you a basic skill book. As in the case of the fighter’s guild, I get Basic Sword Skills. This skill allows me 5% increase in speed and power executing any skill requiring a sword.
  • By learning this I am now a Fighter (trainee). Using a sword will gain experience in the skill and advance it. If I get skills that use a sword, by repeatedly using those I can advance both.
  • I am free to learn the basic skill from another Guild profession like mage or thief. Whichever skill becomes higher, that will indicate my primary job. However, the Guild Basic skill bonuses are lost if it’s not primary position.
  • The instructor warned me that I can never take too many jobs. I will become stagnated. Remember the status table? There were only two sets of ?? Before Traveler. I don’t want to fill both until I am certain.
  • I can get experience and level up without fighting, like picking herbs. I can work hard and be level 100 but even a kid can whoop my ass. I have to bite the bullet; use the skills of the chosen profession to level up(right now self defense and dependency is priority one).
  • This world is not familiar with levels. From the instructor, the Adventurer’s Guild card or the entry pass issued by towns and cities shows your level as an adventurer and your primary job ranking. Only the Guilds can check the card to see your kills and quest activity.
  • Rankings range from Trainee to Grandmaster in the Fighter’s guild, while are lettered from F to SSS in the Adventurer’s guild. You cannot become a Rank C adventurer without subjugating demon monsters. Rank C is like bottom recognized, adventurers under that are like used coffee dregs.
  • There are rankings of monsters, beast, and demons. Beast girls and Elven maidens do exist. Tomorrow I will question my life out in the Guild, as to find these girlfriend type materials, (cough) I mean dependable companions.
  • Asking about Beginner village #475, there is no knowledge of this, but the instructor once recalled the old blacksmith talk years ago of foreign people arriving and killing each other. I don’t think I am alone here.
  • Before heading out I leveled up. Right now I am just a punching bag with low skills.

So how am I a reaping machine? One look at my status page can give an idea.

STR 15 DEX 17 INT 16 WIS 16 CON 15
LUK 10 (MAX)
SKILLS Basic Sword Skills 5% Attack




Leveling up unlocked some passive skills from the Tome of Perception. As I level up maybe I will learn more. With the increase in basic stats, I feel like an athlete pumped full of steroids. My body remains the same, but I feel the huge increase in strength and vitality.

I am now convinced that if I were to engage in a brawl or slug fest with those adventurers in the guild, I would crush them convincingly. The increase in speed, strength and vitality earned from my stats can give me the edge over someone who has a lower level.

If their skills can give them the edge in speed and evasion, then I will be just a lumbering target with a large bullseye.

Its like saying a person has 30 years experience in a computer repairs company, but all he did was carry boxes and parts. If you put him in front of a PC to troubleshoot against a person with 2 years of repair skill from the same company, he will be like a fish out of water.

The more I learn about the workings of this place, I need time to sit back and collect as much info to forge my way forward. Anyway my main priority now is money for survival. Lets make use of what we have.

With the new skill identify, I can recognize these herbs like a housewife at a grocery sale.

I need to get enough money to stay at the inn. The quest gives 10 copper coins, enough of a one night stay. This was according to the Guild clerk. I am aiming for 3 times the amount. I need a bigger bag, and other accessories.

Yes! before dark I finished.

Its half hour walk to the village. As I reach the foot of the hill I see a rabbit standing on its hind legs watching me.

  • Oh, how cute…….. Possession of something like this is a chick magnet.
  • Huh?

That cute rabbit sprang a drop kick towards me. Dammmmm…..

It connected me on my chest, pushing me back a step. If I was not leveled up I think I would have been thrown backwards. The red eyed little creature landed and hopped around like a boxer.

  • Red eyes. Ohohohoh. You want to play?

This time it jumped spinning around to apply a beautiful spin kick on my mouth. I saw everything in slow motion. I took that kick and exaggerated a defeated spin blowing spit as I fell sprawling on the ground.

  • You, you, you bastard!
  • Toooo powerful?!

I slowly got up and spit to the side wiping my mouth with the thumb. Asian style….

This creature likes to play with its food. It primed itself and this time launched a faster kick towards me. Just as the small feet made contact with my nose, in a flash I caught it with my hands out of nowhere.

  • Fool, you think puny things of your level can DEFEAT MEEEE!

Even as I said that, I slammed it to the ground. The health bar I can now see above it, dropped to half. Before it regained itself, I took the sword and stabbed it in the chest. I don’t want to receive an attack from those buckteeth.

With a groan it died, and as expected it faded leaving it skin behind. I think this is a quest also, I will check when I go back.

  • Hehehe…. The increase in the stats makes fighting these monsters a piece of cake.

As I was gloating, 5 pair of red eyed bunnies comes hopping around the bend.

WTF! Hood rabbits? Thugs? Squad?

And what kind of maxed out luck is thissssssss………!?!

I played before, since after the first attack, I knew the monster was weak. I can beat these, but I am scared if they use biting attacks. Pain can be felt in this world; I don’t want to lose body parts also.

I dropped all except the sword. Life and death, I am using the styles I am familiar with.

First move, forward step and slash down. The bunny on the extreme left was picked out as we crossed. Before the others mob me, I deftly turned to face them, executing sideways slash. Two heads went rolling. I jumped back, spacing between the two incoming attack. As they completed that and refocused, I stabbed through 1 with a pierce attack. The last one turned to run, but a slash to the back opened it out.

Back home, when training was done, the sempais did a one for all session. I sometimes had the role of one; it was designed to allow practice against a mob. Thank you sempais for the beatings.

This is the result of my strength and speed increase. The sword I have cuts through bone like butter. I am curious about it but I cant identify it yet.

I checked the item drop. Besides the skins, I found two daggers. Lugging all, I returned to the Guild to hand in my quest.

  • Wow! Good picking of herbs, you will get 30 coppers. I’ll throw in 3 coppers extra for your first quest hard work.
  • Thank you, I also have this. (I said pulling out the skins and dagger).
  • Oh, demonic rabbit skins, six of them; these are very hard to kill because of their speed. The subjugation quests for these are 50 coppers. I will take the skins; the blacksmith will give you a better price for weapons than the Guild.
  • Ok, I will do that tomorrow.
  • Good, total is 300 for the skin, 30 for the herbs. Extra 20 for the rabbits since they are a menace. 350 coppers.

Thank you very much, kind ossan. Tears streaking down my eyes. He is a nice fellow. A dependable guy.

I head to the inn. The old landlady rented me a clean room, and gave me time to clean up before dinner. Tomorrow I will sell the daggers and try to level up some skills. Hopefully I can get information of this world at the Guild tomorrow.

Right now I am happy for just food and a secure bed. I have been awake for the most of a day and a half. The night before I was awake in terror. If not for the level up and stat increase, I may have fainted during the day. With a good bath and a full stomach I dropped asleep the moment I hit the bed.

Today is a hectic day at the Guild. Goblins have been seen, and this is a big thing for the village. Because of this a map of the surroundings has been taken out. One glance and a part of my fog of war have lifted.

As the groups pour over the map, I stand to the side checking this map update. There are five beginner villages about a day’s travel from each other. They are scattered with this on the eastern side. Roads from here go northwest, west and southwest to meet the others.

Although the fog of war is lifted for the region the map indicates, the area is not as clear as that which I actually explored personally. In this village the map shows me the buildings and roads. I cannot see names like the guild building or the inn, but I see the layout.

The other villages appear as green triangles with their names. I cannot zoom in to get a layout. I guess the more detailed the map the better the update for me.

The goblins are sited along the northwest road. There seems to be some caves about 2 miles from the road, seems they took up residence there.

The adventurers from the village will start sweeping from the village and outlying farms before making their way to the cave area. This is to confirm it is not a large force and clear any scouts.

If I move fast, I can reach the caves and clear it out before the others. I am way to OP compared to these guys in beginner village.

I have decided.

I am going on a RPG goblin quest.

I talk to the Guild clerk. Goblins are rated as lesser demons. To the north stretch the Silver Peak mountain range, behind those is Demon territory. There are forts along the passes, but raids still occur. Demons do not fade, they are real creatures. I decide to prep for this quest.

Two hours later, I am skipping down the road. I purchased a cloak and a backpack. I hold a scabbard with the sword in it. My shinai is on my back. Like this I can draw, and attack quickly. I bought some items to survive along with preserved food. All neatly tucked in the large backpack. When I go back I will purchase clothes of this world.

I look like a real Japanese eighth grader lost to his delusions.

  • Hehehehe………HAHAHAHA!

Stopping suddenly on the dirt road, I spaced my legs and making a series of hand signals, palmed my free hand to the ground, loudly shouting:

  • Summon! Chunni mode.
  • Hehehehe…..

  • Ari, these are the kinds of perverts you need to keep away from.
  • Sister?
  • You need to be more guarded against these lowlifes, okay. They can even spawn here.
  • Yes nee-sama.

  • Huh? Wait, wait wait.

Two stunning girls in High school uniform, stand before me.

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