Day 1.1

Prologue                                                                                                                    Day 1.2

I make my Debut.

The reason this will be logged as Day 1, is simply because I have yet to show myself to the Royal court since being crowned Emperor. I like to keep my mind as organized as a file cabinet, yep.

I have retained the memories of this body to the extent that I have a vague idea of the rules of etiquette for my position. I can remember the names of individuals and the knowledge of this world if I concentrate and have time to think. Otherwise it is all vague and jumbled with my own memories.

Least I could recognize the Queen Mother if I saw her…..thank god, otherwise it would be kind of awkward staring at your own mother not knowing who she is.

My old man, the famous Warrior Emperor, Dragon of the East, Conquerer of the North and Leader of the Thousand Beauty Harem is dead. He passed away peacefully in bed with about twenty women. He was Thirty Three years old.

He died of exhaustion.

What the Hell do you expect from someone who is out battling day and (cough, cough) night like a wild man!

I walk pass huge halls and rooms, pass a lasciviously decorated reception room and out the great doors of the Emperor’s Palace. Yup, this whole magnificent structure, larger and more splendidly designed is my private quarters.

Think of it as a bachelors dream pad….hehehe!

Unfortunately, etiquette states that I cannot bring any women here(Damn rules!), only the one titled Empress is allowed in, with my instruction of course(Whose the MAN!).

I walk down the wide steps into the marble decorated courtyard. From here, it is roughly 1 mile along a straight stone paved road to the Imperial Court. This road is paved with prized stones carved from the Northern Mountains. The tribes there gave it as Tribute to my old man, I mean late Emperor. One stone out of place or raised edge, leads to the death of the stone mason and his nine generations.

You can imagine how immaculate and perfect this thing is, It is amazing how fear can create such dedicated and quality work…yep, yep. Thank god business practices in my world isn’t like this!

To the sides of this roadway are well tended gardens. Small pathways lead like little tributaries to the Palaces of the Queen Mother, Palaces of the Thousand Beauties, and Palace of the Empress. I just became Emperor so the last is vacant. I will have to distribute wealth and find places for my old mans wives. The Harem is passes to the next Emperor, but he is free to choose as he pleases.

I will deal with that later, what a pain!

We continue on, walking slowly to the Court. The wind blows a cool breeze across the way. There is actually Three suns in the sky, but the heat is not unbearable and its light is just like Earth’s. Think of it like a 100 W bulb replaced by three smaller Watts.

I am sheltered by a large parasol, held by two maids. Halfway down the roadway, there is a marker. It is a simple pillar with an inscription I can’t read. Only from there are men allowed. In fact the only men around this area are eunuchs. My mouth raises slightly in a smile.

One thing to mention, this place is kept clean and beautiful. The gardeners and servants are all kept hidden from my sight. A glance and unfavorable expression means death for a lowly servant. The Emperor’s eyes cannot be tainted by a worker.

I continue my walk, taking in the splendors of this magnificent site and beauty while praying that I don’t see any of them. There are hidden assassins here, ready to kill on just my facial features alone. I try to keep an expressionless face; last thing I need to here is that a bunch of workers have been killed on the Emperor’s displeasure.

We reach the pillar, and immediately two men take over the parasol and the maids retreat back to the confines of the Palace.

I am also greeted by the presence of four men. Two are old men with long beards, both have scrolls in their hands and exude the bearings of powerful, learned individuals. The others are dressed in black and are kneeling on one feet, head bowed. The feeling of hidden strength comes from them; they are my personal hidden guards outside the palace.

  • The world waits on us to rotate. Inform us of what it needs.
  • As you will

I inform the assassins

  • We give you the power to reap the souls of those who stand before us.
  • As the Emperor commands.

They move to the side and disappear, wow, so coooool!

I stiffen my face and walk briskly to the Court, the two old men rise and follow respectfully behind.

Before entering the Court, the Captain of the Guard and his small contingent of warriors bow to the side. They are the force seen by all when the Emperor moves, his bodyguards. Others are hidden, I am important you know!

We enter the passage exclusively for the Emperor’s use and exit at the side of the Great Throne. This hall is large as a stadium, and the Throne is higher than the rest of the hall. For others to approach they have to climb nearly 50 broad marble steps. Below these ministers of the government, army generals and high class nobles gather.

The Ninth step is a little wider, here is the location of two simple, but elegant chairs. The old men accompanying me move slowly here. I simply move to the Throne and elegantly sit. A smaller throne at the side is vacant, this is for the Empress.

Only when I sit, do I then gaze at all those prostrating before me. The two men stand at the side of their chairs and postrate themselves before me. They then start the shout.

  • Long live the Emperor!
  • Long live the Emperor!

The chants continue until silence. I speak.

  • Rise, We give you permission.

And so my first real test for the day started.