Chapter 6

Chapter 5                                                                                                                                   Chapter 7

Mistake 6; do you really think I am a good guy?

  • Miki! Heal Hiromi now.
  • Hiromi, take out the wolf on the far left, it is nearly dead.
  • Toshiko, I leave this wolf to you, kill it with your OneBlade.
  • Akemi! The wolf on the right is yours, use Ice Armor on Tamotsu and then wait for my signal.
  • Tamotsu, be food, ahem, be bait, ahem, just lure the last wolf and hold on.

Whew! What a long day. By tomorrow morning we should be in Keel. Three days have passed since we left Yellowdale. What are we doing? Why grinding of course.

I used my map and sent us on a side tour into the forest. Since then we have been assaulted by demonic wolves, slimes and various monsters. The journey was extended when we encountered a wolf pack of epic proportions. That night we killed 50 wolves, by fortifying ourselves in a small cave and killing them in batches of threes.

It took Miki 6 hours to heal us back to full strength. Like hell we were going to be careless in a forest. The sounds of people screaming in pain when injured during a fight has considerably lessened.

The retching and vomiting has slowed. Occasionally someone would throw up due to excess blood, witnessing or being the deliverer of a serious decapitation. Hiromi named it forced adaptation, last thing we want is to see our guts lying around. This girl is an avid reader.

The journey became longer as we were constantly attacked. After a battle with some spiders large as us, we got two skill books, OneBlade and Block.

As the plan, Akemi and I discussed it and handed out the Block to Tamotsu and the OneBlade to Toshiko. The samurai specialize in counter offensive, Tamotsu need to learn to block an opponent’s attack. Toshiko leveled up with OneBlade. If the opponent is close to death and distracted, this skill is deadly. I can imagine it stacking with a Backstab or assassinate type skill.

With these new skills, everyone except me had one. Miki was using her heal to level it up, my fighter bonus doesn’t count, I want a skill like these guys.

Grinding like this we came out of the forest by Keel. Everyone was now a full level 4 with skills. When we submitted our cards at the guild for quest completions, the level jumped to level 5. I remained at level 20.

Our tally in coins came up to a whooping 10 silvers. This included furs, spider venom and other items we dragged to the guild. Correction, since I was the strongest I was the mule in the party.

Damn bastards!

We rented an inn, repaired our equipment and clothes, stocked up on provisions and relaxed for the day. In the wild, we were constantly on the move, resting only to heal and take quick naps. This is the first time everyone will get more than 6 hours sleep.

The same monsters exist on the road to Frost City, along with some called Scrappys. These humanoid monsters are relatives of the huge rock trolls in the North Mountains. The height of a grown man, they are slow, bulky and resistant to cold magic.


We rested and headed out at night. Resting is constantly done with guards. In the forest or city, we will never be without a sentinel.

The two days passed with hard grinding. Miki healing skill leveled up to Heal Major Wounds. Hiromi’s Fireball can now lock on target and detonate for small splash damage. Akemi’s Ice Bolt can lock on targets now. It is being noticed that on constant usage, skills increases faster than levels.

This rapid increase is happening ONLY when the skill is used to kill a target, support skills are leveling up normally such as the Healing spell and the Ice Armor. We were resting at midday on the second day in hill cave overlooking the road. While eating we all had our stats open and were discussing them.


STATUS Nakamura Kenshin FIGHTER


STR 15 DEX 17 INT 16 WIS 16 CON 15
LUK 10 (MAX)
SKILLS Basic Sword Skills 10% Attack








STATUS Takahashi Hiromi FIGHTER novice ???? TRAVELLER
STR 8 DEX 11 INT 11 WIS 9 CON 8
SKILLS Basic Sword Skills 5% Attack
MAGIC Fireball(8) Lock on target using additional mana. Splash damage MANA 110/110


Akemi says that when we reach Frost City both her and Hiromi will sign up to the mages guild, hopefully Hiromi will get a fighter/mage ability or job. We need to stack some skills to make her magic most damaging compared to others.


STR 7(14) DEX 11 INT 9 WIS 11 CON 9
SKILLS Basic Sword Skills 10% Attack
Rampage Boost strength in Battle 100%
MAGIC Heal(6) Heals major wounds MANA 90/90


This girls special job Valkyrie is too OP.

What the hell will happen when she reaches level 50 and over? I can only shake my head and cry.

STR 6 DEX 6 INT 12 WIS 9 CON 5
SKILLS Basic Magic attack 5% Attack
MAGIC Ice Bolt(8) Lock on target using additional mana. Freeze target 1s MANA 120/120
Ice armor(6) Cast on ally, resistance to Frost 50%, physical reduced 5%
Ice Field(1) Freeze enemies in target area (100)
Book of Ice Tome Basic ice spells damage 5% increase

Akemi has the making of an ideal area control mage. Her damages make up for her poor movement stats. I think this girl is a cluts. Highly intelligent but super clumsy.

STATUS Kubo Toshiko ???? ???? TRAVELLER
STR 8 DEX 13 INT 8 WIS 11 CON 9
SKILLS OneBlade(8) Instant kill on critical strike. Heavy damage on normal Cool down 15min


Again we are lacking in job and skills, hopefully in Frost City we can rectify this.

STR 12 DEX 11 INT 7 WIS 6 CON 10
SKILLS Basic Sword Skills 5% Attack
Block(6) Block all normal attacks, damage reduced 5%

It seems like intelligence x 10 gives the mana amount. Also once offensive skills are used to kill a target, they advance faster than a person’s level. They also give additional bonuses. Akemi has now unlocked the ability to cast Ice field, I want to get this to a higher level as soon as possible.

I need to get more skills for this party. I have a feeling that although skills might advance higher than levels, the rate it advances slows once it passes a persons level. I also think there is some cap that would prevent someone with a level 5 experience walking around with a level 100 skill. That is too frightening to imagine.

We decide to move within the forest following the road direction. This area has become sparse with more shrubs and lots of rocky outcrops. Caves line the bottom of some hills in the distance.

At sunset, when the light faded and sky turned dark, stirring and moaning sounds were heard from the caves. Scrappys were moving, some heading to the road, others into the forest. To avoid wasting a good opportunity, I acted as bait luring them in by the twos and sometimes threes. The majority or damage dealt was by me, the others conserving their special attacks until I called them.

These guys were high level monsters according to the Keel Guild. Experience flowed like water, as the offensive skills were maximized. White healing spells lit up the night with blue frost and red fires criss crossing. By the time we finished it was after midnight and we were exhausted. I secured a cave for us and we recuperated there.

When we were deciding to remain and rest here, I checked the map for our distance from the road. I stiffened and stood up suddenly. The others looked at me surprised.

  • Coming from Keel on the road. Two purple dots and a single red one.
  • Do we go?

I asked the only friends I have in this world. I see the answer on their faces.

Having about 5 minutes to prepare for an ambush is the worst. I lost count on the amount of times I stubbed by toe on this rocky ground moving to the road. Tamotsu and I were crouching behind small shrubs near the road. The girls were a distance behind within the tree shadows.

The enclosed carriage came rambling slowly around the corner. A driver was seated at the front. Four persons were at the back their heads showing above the hoods. Maybe I was wrong, but I swear I saw their eyes glowing red. Our target was located in the carriage. Two lamps at the front acted like faint headlights.

Time to put our 2 minute plan into action.

With the Health bar and Aura, I only saw red. A faint glimmer of blue came from the carriage. These guys health is slightly lower than the Scrappys. My party’s teamwork can handle them eyes closed. The real danger is the one I can’t read in the carriage.

I swept out from my hiding place and grabbed the reins of the front horse. I yelled hoarsely

  • Bandits! Leave all treasures or your life.

The driver reined in the horses; apparently this was not their first hold up. The guards at the back were swiftly away, one securing the side and back the others advancing to me. The owner of this carriage wasn’t bothered with us small fry’s.

I ran towards the hidden Tamotsu, yelling like if I was scared. As the first guard reached the shrub, Tamotsu sprang up launching a deadly cross cut. The guard let out a low growl as he dropped to his knees. I stabbed his heart with my sword.

Wisp of black mist emanated from the deadly blows, and the man shriveled up. A small red gemstone, palm sized dropped on the ground. These guys are not humans!

Akemi and the others saw my expression in the faint lantern light. I rushed the driver, ignoring the rest. I jumped up to the driver’s seat in one leap. The driver looked at me with those red eyes and pulled his dagger.

Big, big mistake, showing me those ruby eyes I know you’re not human. With no hesitation my slash broke that puny dagger and cleaved his head. The expected gem was dropped.

By the time I jumped to the other side, the guard there was a combination frozen and fried serving. One sword through the heart and he fell without a sound.

I moved back to cover the side with Tamotsu. Toshiko had successfully killed the last guard with a OneBlade and was back in the shadows with the girls. Everyone was spread as to avoid area attacks.

  • Hey, you in the carriage! My friends have taken the guards on a chase, I have 1 minute to kill you, so hand over the gold.

A voice chuckled from the inside. The door opened and a man in his twenties came out. Life in this world must be great; this guy was as swollen as a puffer fish. His pock filled face sneered at me as looking at a fly.

  • Hahah…….. What luck, two stupid Travelers cross my path. With your heads it will make 5. Maybe I will even have these girls as my very own playthings (girls in carriage).
  • What the hell are you blabbering about?
  • Ohhhh, so you are one of the ignorant. Let me introduce myself, I am Watanabe Dai mayor of Clearwater in Hellfire. I will give you the honor of death.

He flicked his right hand and a massive two handed cleaver about 8 feet long appeared. Oh, I want that skill. Tamotsu fell to the side, we still needed to bait this guy, and his pride is perfect. He launched the attack, shouting Cleave!

Heh, this guy is sooo stupid; a cleaver with a Cleave skill is so cliché. I blocked and scrambled backwards with a panicky face.

  • Whaa, how strong, what are you? Tamotsu fall back this guy is a monster!
  • HAHAHA…… you fools, there is no escape. I am a level 18 fighter. I have been here for 8 years. We are the elites!!
  • No, it can’t be, it’s been only a week!
  • Ignorant fool, you will die knowing nothing. Too bad you’re not a girl, I would have let you live.
  • Nooo… leave my brother alone you beast!
  • Toshiko! Run he’s too strong. Save yourself! (Damn girl, why couldn’t you say boyfriend!).
  • Ohhhhhh! There was such a girl here, when I kill your brother I will make you into a woman. I will show you the pleasures you never dreamed off.

He reluctantly removed his lecherous gaze from Toshiko and sneered. With the words die escaping his lips he sliced that meat chopped down.


  • Huh?

I think that was the last words that were readable. I slid back as a combination fireball and ice bolt slammed into him. With the slow movement of ice bolt, I moved into position and slashed across the chest. At the same time a vertical strike descended on his right shoulder from Tamotsu.

As the cleaver was dropped, him holding it with only his left hand, another strike by me sliced across his left shoulder. Amid the scream, he dropped the cleaver and moved back with a frightened look. Another fire/ice combination ripped into him. One word to Tamotsu and both legs were stabbed. As he dropped to his knees, I pointed my sword at his heart.

His health bar was now critical, and I maintained a grim face. Miki and Hiromi checked the carriage. There were two girls tied up. Both were shaken but not hurt. The girls untied them and remained in the carriage. I started questioning the Mayor.

Although there is war between the Kingdoms and Hellfire, influential people can move under the pretense of diplomacy. Using this premise the Travelers like me are gathered and transported across the border. This mayor is one of the usual smugglers. Besides him there are others using this route to Hellfire.

The cleaver was summoned using a space ring. This object is exclusive to Hellfire and can hold as much as a wagon. It cannot hold living objects. I take it from him and confirm its usage. I place a dagger in and willed it out. Perfect! Now I feel I am in a magical world.

The girls came out leading the previous prisoners. Watanabe Dai came to their villages nearly a day when they arrived. He captured them and then butchered 3 boys from the other close villages. They were travelling since then, him constantly gazing at them. If not for fear of the Saidai, they would have been assaulted.

We stripped him to his undergarments. I really don’t want to start making this a habit but I am still ignorant of magical devices in this world. I dragged him into the forest and gave him a stick to dig. I left the girls with Tamotsu by the carriage, but they simply tied the horses and stubbornly followed me. When he dug a hole, I willed out the heads from the ring. I think I will need to investigate this item to see if there are any horrors.

We bury the heads and got stones to mark the grave. Each one of us is mindful that it could have been our fate. After a simple clasping of hands, I face the murderer.

I turn to Toshiko; this girl is knowledgeable on gauging a person. I ask the same question from her to the rest.

  • What do you think?
  • He has no qualms in trying to change. He would kill us all. When I stepped out, he failed that test. Nakamura, this guy has no conscious raping us in front of you.

The others shake their heads, even the two girls they were with this bastard for near a week.

  • Tamotsu, take the girls. I will meet you….
  • No! This is our responsibility, not yours. Somewhere out there may be our family. You forgot the past culling? Who will take revenge for the others? If we cannot kill this pig, then we are just asking for death and worst at the hands of these people.

Miki unexpectedly said this with a calm demeanor. Taking the sword from Hiromi’s hands she stabbed it into Watanabe Dai. As one, the rest of the girls followed suit. When his health was nearing zero, I fished out a potion, called for them to stop and gave it to him. His health climbed up, but fell back to critical as the burns and freeze spells after effects wore on.

  • Only if you want to live I will save you. I already know about the Ancient soul and lots more. If you lie to me, I will kill you.

He scrambled to say thanks in gratitude. The girls looked at me coldly as I questioned him. After about two hours I stood up. I take my sword and pierce his heart.

  • Wha….but you said

Those were his last words as he died.

I buried his body, once he was a son, brother to someone but he lost his way to the ambitions and greed of others. Following the same path to his death is karma.

Will we be among the forsaken?

Chapter 5                                                                                                        Chapter 7