Chapter 3

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Mistake 3; I join up in a heart wrenching party.


I, Nakamura Kenshin an average High School student, have been transported to another world. This world is like an RPG game, but the dangers are very real. There are others, possibly from my world, and killings have been reported. I need to get stronger, while keeping myself hidden. Only then can I find a way back home. Now, during my first main quest, I meet two Japanese high school girls.

  • Miki, you are too naive. Look at this otaku? They are the most hidden perverts.

Still posing on the ground for the imaginary summoning to take effect, I look up at these two girls who have rounded the corner, and are having a discussion.

One is a brown haired girl, whose hair is in a ponytail reaching her shoulders. She has a short sword in one hand and a schoolbag in the other. Every now and again she points her sword in my direction with words like despicable, lowlife escaping her mouth.

The girl called Miki answers softly and shakes her head every now and again. Her black hair is held by a ribbon and spreads to her lower back. Both these girls are beauties. High class Nadeshinko, to describe them.

  • Ahem! So the summoning scroll for the chrome crow doesn’t work.

I stand up swiftly, shouting dejected. I look to the girls as I am surprised to see them. I stealthy keep my sword hands ready. If this is an ambush using pretty girls as bait, it’s a pathetic way to die.

  • Hello, my name is Nakamura Kenshin. Pleased to meet you. Have you also been transported here?

I faced the girls and introduced in typical fashion, complete with a bow. I am vigilant to the extreme though.

  • Pleased to make your acquaintance, Nakamura Kenshin. This one is humbly called Takahashi Miki. Please take care of me.

This girl’s uniform is impeccable. I don’t know how long they have been here, but from her short sleeved shirt to her socks there is nothing unruly. With her book bag on her shoulders, the only thing out of place on this beauty is the staff she holds.

On the other hand…..

  • Nakamura Kenshin is it. My name is Takahashi Hiromi. By the way, where did you get that summon spell, it sounded so Chunni to me.

She gave me a simple nod and blasted that question sneering. This girl is a stunner like the sister. But sharp and rude. I can’t let down my defenses around her.

  • Yes, Miss Takahashi, it is a spell I bought in the village to summon a crow to scout the area. I am sorry but I am not familiar with that term Chunni.
  • Oh? We have been here for over 1 day but the village didn’t stock that. From our questioning the mage guild don’t sell scrolls here.
  • That is correct, but I bought this from a peddler. You may have missed him at your village.
  • The general store in the village said there are no peddlers in these parts….hmm?
  • I think they now started, anyway it seems like you are the same as me. I am on the Goblin quest; maybe we can go together and exchange information while on it.

This B@#$%!

She asks these questions innocently with a finger on her lip like she is thinking hard. Damn, instead of focusing on what’s important, she tries to rub my face in dirt. She is well aware but has no hesitation to screw me.

We agree to work as a team. The cave is off road, so I tell them about it. We decide to make camp on a hill overlooking it. From here it’s about 2 hours walk to it, but we can see the entrance. We will monitor it taking turns at night, then attack during the day.

The Takahashi sisters were transported here around same time as me. They simply found themselves walking out of their dorm room into an inn. When no methods worked to back, they joined the Guild for information.

Leveling up with the herbs quest, they got a status screen. Incidentally, the passwords to access the screen between them is different. We don’t trust each other yet so we are discussing basics.

To the north lies the fortress city of Frost. Raids occur into the demon lands, and skirmishes constantly take place. The capital city is known as the Imperial city. This is somewhere to the west, passing through large towns to reach there. The south is the sea, and the East is the Great Black Forest.

The capital with its libraries should give us clues, but I have a feeling it is better to be strong before reaching there. We all have no clue on what Freedom points are.

We made a small fire as the night was cold. I lent Miki my cloak to cover. I and Hiromi take the first watch. I don’t blame them; you can’t readily trust people in this unknown place.

We may be from the same world, but the law in the wild favors the strong. I am sure I saw tears from Miki before she fell asleep. The atmosphere around these girls screams of high class ojousamas. Their subtle actions and ways of talking sells them out.

I walk over to the fire and sit after peering over the hilltop at the cave. Though far, I can make out flickering lights like a campfire there. Maybe it’s a dungeon. I take a peek at Miki sleeping against a tree, so cute! Then look to the sister at the campfire.


This girl… this girl is lying on her side one hand propping her head, reading a thick weekly manga. God alone only knows where she got it from. Now I know why I had to share my food. That book probably occupies half of her bag’s weight.

Lightly chuckling to herself, she raised one of her jaded legs to scratch her other leg with her toes. It’s a miracle that skirt defies gravity and doesn’t slide. Do those thighs have Velcro? The hand on the book makes it to the side to scratch somewhere behind those legs.

  • Hey? You like what you see pervert?

The nadeshinko image of this girl in my mind finally breaks into a thousand pieces. I jump up pointing at her with my finger.

  • Apologize to all the Japanese women! You closet otaku!

Just as fast, she jumps up, legs bent in a bow like an old man pointing at me.

  • Who is the closet otaku you chunni! You think I don’t recognize a pervert, I saw your gaze on my legs lecher!
  • I saw your little notebook when I was taking the food, you lonely man! I should show my sister it…heh!

My jaw dropped as I looked at this beast. Just because I am girlfriendless, doesn’t give you the right to pick on me. All healthy young men record their dreams somewhere.

This girl bent her back, raising her head looking down triumphantly at me. I now remembered.

Takahashi industries are a multi-national company spanning the globe. Led by an aging magnate, the grandfather, son duo controlled this corporation. It was said that their grandson was already in training to take over this task. In the Media, every time they made appearances, or were in retreated discussions with the heads of other businesses, one face always accompanied them.

The apple of his eye, the granddaughter Takahashi Hiromi ever present as a guest.


This girl is not an obaachan but an ojiichan. Those old Japanese folks rubbed off badly on this girl. No wonder she is reputed to hold her own among those sly foxes. This girl is dangerous to my harem plan in this world.

  • Damn you, you old man!(me)
  • Ever see an old man with this sexy body, you virgin?!

It’s no use; this demon has thicker skin than me. If I go on this will last all night. I looked at her with a wry smile, told her well played and went back to observe the cave.

In the morning her eyes were still swollen. You can only numb this pain of being unable to reunite with family. This girl is the same as me strong on the outside, but worried on the inside.

Goblin subjugation here we come.

We moved to the entrance of the cave. From the shelter of the trees, we saw no sentinels or guards. Besides being nocturnal, it seems they have faith that this hideout is not easily discovered.

I turn to my bosom colleagues, and smiled.

  • Well then shall we go?
  • What the hell are you smiling at? Pervert!

Hiromi looked at me haughtily, after rebuking me for not being a man, she slapped me forward. I looked at Miki with my sad face.

  • Umm, Nakamura-san do your best ok. I am rooting for you.
  • Hi! Hi!

With that I blasted forward to the cave entrance.

Hey wait! Isn’t she more manipulative than her sister?

I held my sword and entered the cave. Adjusting to the light, there is a tunnel that goes to the back. I wave my hands calling the two over. All our baggage was hidden under a brush at the campsite. We are armed, me with the sword, Hiromi with her sword and Miki with her staff.

Everything in this world is real, except for our status windows and special abilities. There is no party formation so experience can only be gained by killing or completing a quest yourself. If I am the person in a group that constantly does the finishing blow, then only I will gain that experience to level up.

Maybe its a glitch, or something we haven’t figured out. Since Miki and Hiromi were together, they confirmed that even the herb quest had to be completed separate.

When they first did it together only Miki who handed it in received the rewards. That why they did it twice. Fiddling with the blue screen didn’t offer any help.

Pain is very real in this world. The reality is, if I am stabbed in the heart I will die. If I am cut, unless there is a healer or medication it will not heal quickly.

It is like living with a mutant power in our world, we can be skilled at something, but still die. A high healer can heal up to damages to your eye, but cannot regenerate limbs. Maybe if you stitch it together soon enough it might work, but that hope depends on finding someone with that skill.

As a group consisting of amateur individuals now being introduced to the wonderful world of killing, we had a long chat on this issue yesterday.

The plan is based on this after discussions last night. I will try to lure the goblins one on one, if I disable them sufficiently, the girls will complete the kills leveling up and satisfying the quest. I will also try to kill some for my leveling and quest. I have not told them about my level yet. We need 3 goblins each to complete the quest.

I use the map silently. It gives me the map of the tunnel, the fog of war rising as we move lower down. Incidentally I can actually see two purple dots along my blue dot. I need to check this outside, I completely forgot this. The cave is dimly lit with torches, making us move slowly.

We come across two goblins standing guard at the entrance to a wider area. I signal to stop, and scout around. Both of them seem to be half asleep, leaning against the wall.

I tighten my hold on the sword and rushed forward. I slash across the neck of the first, decapitating him. By the time the second understood what happened, I stabbed into his chest. The health bar rapidly went to zero. I was on edge since I honestly don’t know where the heart is in these fellows.

I sat down to recover. I had a little blood on me, I was prepared but I retched a little. My comfort is the thinking it’s me or them. Miki came up and patted me shyly on the shoulder. I think its good I found company in this world. Thank you lord!

Hiromi had confirmed the goblins died, she doesn’t know about my status bar. Seeing a bulge in the tattered shirt, she reached down and pulled out a skill book.

  • What the hell? That’s mine you know (I signaled wildly with my hands).
  • Heh, its mine now.

This was the reply, followed by a blue light in which the book disappeared. Damn this girl, after we finish this we need a heart to heart talk. Who does she think wears the pants around here!

 We left the dead and went to a rock outcrop from the wall. From there we can see while being hidden. The scene in front wiped out all my regrets I had for killing.

9 Goblins were in this wide cave. In a corner was a small enclosure made of wood and vines. Two women were in there tied up. Just outside a wounded man was on the ground. Three goblins hovered around him with small daggers. Two were tending a pot on a fire, while the rest lay sleeping in the other side of the cave.

I don’t need to spell out these guys intentions. Especially the way I saw them leering at the women. I think tonight will be a feast and orgy. These little bitches are living better than me, the me who even possesses cheats.

I beckon to MY harem (if I say this loud, it will end badly). I plan to attack the two at the pot in the middle. By this time the ones near the man will come over. If the girls can attack them from the back when they do, it will give me enough time to finish them before the others wake up. Even if they do, I will be in front of the girls. The plan is confirmed and we attack.

I rush up to the two mini monsters at the pot and kick that hot liquid straight into one. The other receives a cross cut killing him instantly. The three at the cage ignore the man and come running, snarling at me. Honestly I am more scared of their faces than taking them for living beings. As they stop and surround me, a fireball smashes into one from the back wounding him. He drops moaning on the ground.

Bitch that could have been me! This girl is a maniac!

As if reading my thoughts, Hiromi sends fireballs inconsiderately at the now awaking goblins. Before these guys can grasp their predicament, they are crispy fried. Two goblins escape this predicament and along with one that was facing me, run towards this wild mage.

Stepping out from behind her, like a goddess appearing in the dim torchlights, Miki wields her staff with both hands.

Isn’t this girl a healer? I step back from the goblin trying to cut me; I try to rush over to help these girls.

What the Hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Miki twirls that staff, bringing a strike from the ground accompanied with the momentum of that full circle movement. That uppercut staff crashes between the goblins legs.

I swear, with all the growling, snarling and moaning (this from those being laced with fireballs) I heard the sounds of eggs breaking. That pitiful demon dropped to his knees, sprouting tears and weeping silently.

One step back and one thrust after, another goblin was eating the end of the staff, literally. I don’t think he could fit anything more in there. She pulled out that staff and twirling again, crashed it down on its head. The goblin smashed to the ground, teeth rolling out from its dislocated open mouth like a Vegas slot machine.

The last one took as look, spun round and growled towards me, springing to attack me.

Hell! Do I look like an easy target? You demons didn’t have any qualms rushing those girls just now?

Unfortunately, during that first leap, a centrifugal powered staff crashed into his neck. All I saw was a wide eyed little monster being tossed like a rag to the side. Like a baseball bat sweetly connecting the ball.

Spinning to recover her momentum, Miki stepped to the ones still burning on the ground.

  • Wait! Hold it Missy.

She stopped looking at me. The Goblin attacking me stopped also. As a man this was something I had to do.

  • Kill! Please kill that one first.

I point at the once masculine goblin still on his knees screaming squeaking. My legs were still bunched together after that strike; coincidently the goblin facing me was also in that same position. It was a hard fight after that blow.

She turned and smashed the staff down on its head. Thank god it was put out of its misery.

OMFG! This, this girl is like the mountain hiding dragons. Behind this kind, soft spoken beauty lays a dragon, ruthless and decisive. Thank the Gods I didn’t make a rough pass at her.

Hiromi moves forward, ending the misery of the burnt goblins. I slash the goblin, breaking through his defense killing him. I scanned to make sure all were dead. With this we all completed the quest objective.

  • Help me release the prisoners; Miki has the skill [Heal small wounds].

I complied with Hiromi. I think I can trust these girls with my information. We get the prisoners freed and healed enough to walk. I searched, but there were only some copper coins and no other skill books. I had stopped the map page, since it was too difficult to fight with it. Since the passage only leads to the entrance I don’t need it.

I take a look at the bloody aftermath of this battle. I am beginning to understand the meaning when the Guild clerk repeatedly ask me if I had experience killing. Now I know what he meant by goblins are real.

Demonic animals and monsters are those that have been corrupted by evil miasma. They are recognized by red eyes and having abnormal strength and even special skills higher than their species. When killed the miasma is purified and returns to the land leaving only items.

Animals, monsters and races that have not been affected shed blood and remain after being slaughtered. This is why C class adventurers are recognized, they have undergone the baptism of blood and gore.

For all of us this is our first slaughter. Take a person who hasn’t killed a chicken and give him a cow to slaughter complete with the spraying of blood, decapitation and the works. As the adrenaline wore off, the next hour was left to us retching and vomiting. I give credit to my companions, for innocent girls their emotions were kept in check.

I really thought I might have had the opportunity to grab them if they were screaming hysterically and perform some bitch slapping. This would mask my own hysterical  screams and emotions.

I am beginning to understand why RPG’s usually advise having a party. In in real situation as this, companions do offer some type of comfort and aid your determination. If I was alone, after killing the first goblin I may have run away or become frozen by the blood and headless body. Easy target for the next goblin.

After settling ourselves for the time being, its time to quickly try and move out of here. Thank heavens that our guild card records our kills. If I had to walk with a bag full of heads or cut off some ears as proof, my stomach would not be inside me.

We gather up the daggers, it may sell for some coins and head out. Hiromi has already claimed dibs on half the sales. I think it is going to be troublesome in the future. As we step out into the clearing from the cave, I remembered. I activate map, I want to check if the purple dots are still there.

Yep, still there.


I see a red dot to the side. I look to the side, a red aura emits from the trees.

Miki-chan! Left side, look out!

An earthen boulder, size of a basketball slams into her lifting her up and catapulting her to the ground 15 feet away.

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